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Quirky Must Haves
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Quirky, stylish, yet functional pieces to perk up any room of your home.
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The Pieces that Make Us Converse
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What interesting items in a Home or a Product that would generate conversations? Here's a collection I've put together.
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Artistic Chairs
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Touches of Wood
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Wood looks warm and cosy... Something each home needs.
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Save some space with dual-purpose furniture.
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Slim Dining Furniture
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Enough of bulky dining sets! Here's a round up of space saving dining furniture. Great for parties too!
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Fashion x Furniture
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Name brands known for their runway style are crossing over to furniture and home accessories in a big way
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Excite your sense of touch
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Look beyond aesthetics. Get in touch with your senses with these textural pieces.
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Stone Elements
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Whether polished or textured, stone finishes lend a natural look to homes.